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Mulligan's Golf Center is affordable entertainment with hourly bay rentals for $40.00 which can be used for up to 6 people!

Take advantage of our money saving memberships listed below. The basic lifetime membership is a required membership everyone must purchase to be able to play. The benefits of this membership are listed below!

 $ 5 BASIC LIFETIME   Membership


* Use of Range clubs furnished at bay                                                                                         

* Unlimited range balls for time of play

* Track your score while you play

This membership is required for every new


* No access to the Top tracer Range System

*Unlimited supply of range balls.

*Access to one bay during Mulligan's hours.

Monthly or yearly memberships available.



* Includes all the benefits of the basic lifetime membership.

*Access to one bay and unlimited game play during business hours.

*Bring up to 3 guests ($5.00 lifetime membership required)

*Unlimited supply of range balls during time of play.

* Includes all the benefits of the basic lifetime membership.

*Access to one bay (per card) and unlimited game play for up to 6 players (max) during Mulligan's hours.

* Free memberships for the quest of the Platinum member.

*ONe (1) shareable membership card that you can share with anyone for the Platinum perks.

(18 years old or older required to use shareable card.

*Card must be shown at check-in.

*Unlimited supply of range balls during play.

Gift cards available

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